The Quilt

Etoiles Rouges features 49 variations on the traditional Ohio Star block, running as a Block-of-the-Week in 2017.
Instructions are included for completing the quilt as a Quilt-as-You-Go project!

Sorry, Registrations have closed
for 2017

The quilt will run again in 2018. Drop me an email if you are interested (see below).

The quilt is 92″ x 92″, and the blocks are 9″ x 9″.
EQ7 Design Drawing shown in French General Pondicherry fabrics.
Kathryn Kerr, 2017

How the Block-of-the-Week works!

Starting 16 January 2017, for 50 weeks, you will receive a weekly email with a password for the week and a link to your block download. Use your password to access the weekly block and download the PDF. Head over to the Facebook Group to discuss your progress, share your photos and encourage each other.

The final week (Week 50, Christmas Day 2017) will be the instructions for the border. Last of all, you will receive a PDF file containing ALL the patterns and my notes about the blocks gathered into one document.

Bonus Blocks

The original pattern uses some of the blocks several times with different colour-ways. This gives it some design cohesion.

However, as I have been researching the Ohio Star block I have found some traditional variations which I didn’t discover on my own when I was playing with the design! I will offer these blocks as BONUS blocks.

If you wish to make the BONUS blocks as well as the weekly blocks, so you can have a collection of blocks to audition for the final quilt, purchase 1/3 as much again of each of the fabrics. It’s entirely up to you!