Fabric Selection

Aves is based on three coordinating colour ways. The illustrated quilt uses brown/yellow, red and green. You may choose any three colours you like. In the two main colours, you require a good gradation from Dark to Medium with about five steps in tone (see Red and Green below).

This quilt would also work well as a scrap quilt; the more variety the better within three loosely controlled colour-ways.

The illustrated fabrics are from the Benartex Marseille by Dover Hill Studios range.

Here’s a line drawing. Play with the colouring!
Download the Aves OUTLINE as a PDF. Or use it to check off the blocks you have made.


Download the Yardage Aves UPDATE Final as a PDF (update 5 December 2017).


Liliana Soli from Fantasy Quilt in Italy has kits in the Benartex Marseille range ready to ship!

There are limited numbers available. For information on the cost of a kit, and to order one, please contact Liliana directly.